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Welcome to N-E-T, LLC producers of all-natural tobacco extracts and e-Liquids!
The taste of real tobacco, without the smoke!

Welcome new and returning customers!

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3 French Cigarette flavors:

Poilu, and Gypsies Brunes and Blonde! --> located under the new N-E-T Custom tab

French-Cig Sampler Packs: try all three and save!

N-E-T Custom tRY4.1

N-E-T Custom Va/Per and variant blends

N-E-T Custom Caramel Brownie in 'da pipe

N-E-T Custom 'Smoked Leaf'

Aromatic Pipe Blends added (under Pipe Tobacco e-Liquids Tab):
- Framboises et Vanille (raspberry vanilla)
-Orange Blossom Honey
-Fresh Ground Mocha Caf
-Deep Caramel Pipe

And by request: a "lighter" Blackberry tobacco Hybrid:
Air Cured Blackberry Burley*

Additional Sizes for our Sampler Packs!
(15, 30 and 60 mL now available with added savings!)

Glass Bottle Double Packs are also now available!!


We are aware that there is an issue with processing credit cards on the website at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience, however alternate transaction methods are being processed during this down-time.

If you wish to place your order to get into the queue without delay, please select email transaction at the end of your order and we will contact you to process your payment or you can email Clay or Chelsae at NET-sales@Naturally-Extracted-Tobacco.com if you would like to explore other payment options!


All orders will be shipped within 72 hours upon receipt. IF any order falls outside this time-frame, the customer will be notified within the 72 hour window with an explanation and estimated time of shipment.



Orders over $75.00 shipped within the continental US will be sent via First-Class mail free of charge!
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Here at Naturally-Extracted-Tobacco, LLC, situated in East-Central Iowa along the Cedar River, we are vaping enthusiasts with a preference for the flavor and experience of authentic, fine tobaccos. Nothing satisfied our craving for the real thing until we discovered the world of naturally extracted tobacco e-Liquids (NETs). However, none of those available offered the level of customization nor variety that we desired. Thus was born the idea to start our Company to fill this niche market in the vaping community.

We guarantee that all of the flavor of our e-liquids and extracts are made using all-natural ingredients, starting with real tobacco, then mixed to desired specifications in Vegetable Glycerin and/or Propylene Glycol that is U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP) grade.


Some of the Features of our Store and Company:
*We offer e-Liquids as well as concentrated extracts for DIY!

*Custom PG/VG ratios, as well as full 100% VG available for most of our flavors!

*Full range of nicotine options up to 24 mg/mL. If it's not listed, request it in the order comments and we'll oblige!

*Custom Extraction Service- Have a tobacco you want to vape? You request it, we'll extract and filter it for you!

*Rotating Seasonal menu - Specially crafted extracts/e-Liquids, which are released when their season
has arrived!

*CUSTOMER APPRECIATION - free samples with orders over $25, and orders over $50 receive an additional free gift!

*REWARDS PROGRAM - With every $100 spent, you
will be able to redeem a free 30 mL bottle of your choice!

*Orders over $75.00 shipped within the continental US will be sent via First-Class mail free of charge. For International customers, a third 5ml sample will be included instead.

While we are working out the kinks in the online credit card preocessing, we have alternative method of payment provided below. Please feel free to contact us at Net-Sales@Naturally-Extracted-Tobacco.com if you have any questions or a different payment method in which you'd like to disucss. Thank you for your understanding! :-)

To pay by Phone/Email/Text (Phone number to contact/text 319-826-2627 or 319-504-6762) we will need:
Card Number
Expiration Date
CVV code
Zip code
Once payment is processed you will receive an email with your receipt of payment.

Check by mail:
Pay to: Clay Packard (owner) OR Naturally-Extracted-Tobacco LLC
Address: 710 2nd Avenue SW, Cedar Rapids IA, 52404