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Extraction Technique

Our e-Juice at Naturally-Extracted-Tobacco.com is made from real tobaccos using various extraction techniques and blended with your optimal ratio of PG and VG (Note: for some lines, pure VG juice will be available). There are various ways we go about extracting our tobacco to give you a variety of juices that differ in strength/boldness, complexity, and flavor!

Heat Extraction
"Cold" Maceration

The method of extraction impacts more than just the robustness of the tobacco vape, but also the throat hit and overall smoothness and complexity of the experience. For many of our juices, not only is nic strength and PG/VG ratio customizable, even up to 100% VG for some lines, but the method of extraction and filtration may also be chosen.

Particularly for those utilizing our extraction services for favorite tobaccos or other natural ingredients, the full-range of our extraction processes can be selected. A heat extraction followed by "cold" maceration is but one possibility. If you prefer your tobaccos bold and in your face, you have the option of adding additional extract to your juice order, or if ordering pure extract, you can request additional extraction steps, for a nominal charge!