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At Naturally-Extracted-Tobacco, LLC we believe in using real tobacco with other all-natural ingredients, mixed in U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP) grade Propylene Glycol and/or Vegetable Glycerin to create an authentic vape for the discerning tobacco enthusiast.

We wish to bring you full-range customizability, therefore most of our e- liquids are currently offered in any PG/VG ratio, including full 100% VG (excluding our Hybrids which generally require a small percentage of PG, and sometimes alcohol). Tobacco extracts are available in 100% PG or 100% VG. Nicotine content ranges as high as 24 mg, all the way down to zero nicotine are available. A limited selection of our extracts/e-Liquids are also available in your choice of either heated extractions or cold macerations (soaking/steeping), which results in subtle, yet noticeable differences in taste and performance. Cold maceration tends to be a little milder and smoother, with less throat hit to some. Cold maceration may also require less coil/wick maintenance, and often may also permit some customers to detect more of the layering of tobacco flavors in a blend, whereas heat extraction tends to "marry" the flavors together.

Furthermore, we offer an upgrade option to increase the extract used for those seeking a bolder flavor from our e-Liquids, and for our hybrids, additionally customers may choose Extra Flavor option to increase the hybrid flavoring.

We will not add artificial flavorings, sweeteners, or any other chemicals to our tobacco e-liquids and extracts. That is a guarantee. If making use of our full-range of extraction and filtration techniques for a Custom Extraction Services order contact us via email at NET-sales@Naturally-Extracted-Tobacco.com, we will let you know if it is feasible, and if so, quote a price for providing extract, mixed and ready to vape e-Liquid, or any combination of the two.

Finally, we believe in showing our appreciation for our customers, and do so in a variety of ways:

-A Rewards Program: every $100 spent with us earns you a coupon code worth the value of one of our regular-priced 30 mL plastic bottle eLiquids ($14.99)

-Free sample for purchases over $25;**

-An additional free sample for purchases over $50;**

-Free Shipping within the continental US for orders over $75, or a free 5 mL sample for international orders.

**Due to FDA Regulations, free samples are no longer allowed starting August 8th, 2016

We want you to be fully satisfied with your N-E-T experience!