About Us


We bring you the flavor of real tobacco, without the smoke!

We formed Naturally-Extracted-Tobacco, LLC in June of 2013 out of Cedar Rapids, IA after a few years of vaping and feeling that there had to be more variety than was currently on the market. With a love of real authentic tobacco flavors; pipe, cigar, hookah/shisha, we desired more focus on the tobaccos used to create unique flavor profiles, and thus an idea was born. After numerous extractions, hour upon hour of filtration and mixing, sampling and testing various concentrations of extract, i.e., much trial-and-error, we have come up with a fine and unique assortment of tobacco flavors for the tobacco vaper enthusiast.
Our main extractor and mixologist has a degree in Molecular Biology from Purdue University and over 5 years of experience working in a laboratory environment, and an additional 2 years managing a plant molecular biology/biochemistry laboratory in the academic setting.
It is our mission to bring the highest quality natural tobacco extracts and e-liquids to the tobacco aficionado who is looking for a smoke-free alternative while still being able to enjoy an authentic tobacco flavor.

Contact us via Phone at 319-826-2627
or via email at net-sales@naturally-extracted-tobacco.com
Address: 295 40th Street Dr SE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52403