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Blending Suggestions for a starting point:

Latakia based:
-English Style: 20 TO 25 % Latakia and various combinations of our Air Cured Burley, Virginia, and even perique is often used. Say 25% Latakia, 30% Burley, 15 % Virginia (higher if you want a little sweeter, Virginia is the highest sugar content varietal) and 30% Perique to start. Or bump everything up and get rid of the perique if it's not your thing!

-Balkan style: 35 to 50% Latakia, even higher perhaps, with Burley and Virginia, possibly Turkish as well: start withy 50% latakia, 10% Virginia, 20% Burley and 20% Turkish

NETCOM style: 50/50 Fire Cured Burley and Latakia...it's awesome if you like a bold complex spice! Adjust to your taste

Perique blends:
I love perique with any Latakia, the single varietals or any others we or other vendors offer! I'd start with say 2 or 3 drops of perique to 7 or 8 drops of your latakia eliquid

Va/Per blend: Very popular pipe smoker blend of Virginia(s) and Perique that is starting to gain traction in vaping. 50/50 or really a million combinations here...

Cigarette Style:
Turkish/Camel blend: 50 to 60% Turkish, 20 to 30% Burley, the rest Virginia

Marb style: 50 to 60% Burley, 20 to 25% Virginia, the remaining 15 % or so Turkish

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Air-Cured Burley Choctaw Perique Cigar Leaf
Air-Cured Burley
Our Price: $8.99

Choctaw Perique
Our Price: $8.99

Cigar Leaf
Our Price: $8.99

A medium-bodied blend of natural air-cured Burleys, this one is lighter on the senses than our dark Fire-Cured of the same varietal. Perfect for blending with "heavier" tobaccos such as Latakia and Perique, to tone the overall blend down a notch, while maintaining a full-bodied tobacco flavor with depth and complexity; or, alternately, blending with "light" tobaccos such as our Flue-Cured Virginia and Turkish for a more flavorful, straight forward pipe blend or even a cigarette-like flavor.  For Burley lovers, this blend of medium Burleys is quite good on it's own as well! Earthy and rich, this authentic Perique tobacco has an extraordinary history. Originally cultivated for over one thousand years by the Choctaw and Chickasaw Native Americans in what was to become a small Parrish (St. James) in Louisiana, these early inhabitants allowed this tobacco varietal to ferment in tree stumps to produce a very unique, almost pungent-tasting smoke that some claim was designed to "Deliver" their words to the "Great Spirit." This e-Liquid certainly comes across as unique, and may be enjoyed by itself, or blended with other varietals, such as our Virginia extract, what is commonly referred to as a Va/Per blend. Personally, I am thoroughly obsessed with Perique ejuice mixed 1:2 with a heavy Latakia-based eLiquid, such as our Balkan or Bombay. Give it a try and see for yourself! Dark species of tobacco, wrapper-grade and then finely shredded were extracted for when your personal blend needs some cigar flavor to it!
Dark Fired 2 Fire-cured Burley Flue-Cured Virginia
Dark Fired 2
Our Price: $8.99

Fire-cured Burley
Our Price: $8.99

Flue-Cured Virginia
Our Price: $8.99

Dark-Fired Kentucky Burley, spicy and smokey, and quite different than our long-standing Fire Cured Burley;  darker in body, with less of the mild sweet tang in FCB. Great on it's own, and in blending one may detect a subtle dark chocolate note in some combinations! This is a dark, fire-cured Burley, which has an almost campfire-like "smokiness" when you vape it. Earthy and medium to bold in character, excellent on it's own or blended with our other single varietals. If you enjoy in-your-face, robust tobacco flavors, give this one a try! Naturally sweet, this light-bodied vape is mild and delicate and is excellent blended with bolder, more robust or "spicy" tobaccos such as Perique, Latakia, or smoke/fire-cured Burley to smooth the latter out and add depth and complexity to your vape experience.
Izmir/Oriental Lemon Virginia Natural Cavendish
Our Price: $8.99

Lemon Virginia
Our Price: $8.99

Natural Cavendish
Our Price: $8.99

Another "dry" but flavorful Oriental, similar to our other Oriental, Sun Cured Turkish but distinctive nonetheless. Blends fabulously with our other varietals, adds depth and more complexity to an all- or heavy-Oriental blend. So called because of it's pale-yellow appearance, a byproduct of low-heat flue-curing relative to darker Orange/Red Virginia tobaccos, Lemon (and other light/yellow) Virginia are sweeter, less "grassy/haylike" and often described as "sharper, zestier," and more "citrus-y"  than their darker counterparts. Cavendish, a heavily cased and "fermented" pipe tobacco is a very versatile component, lending sweet, yet "smokey" qualities such as with our long-standing Black Cavendish to various blends or additional flavors...Natural Cavendish, rather than jet-black in color, is a much more delicate and sweetly fragrant light to medium-brown/tan coloration, and has a very smooth, natural honey and light toasted nut like quality. Much more prominently sweet than it's darker cousin, this is also one versatile tobacco, pairs well with hybrid flavors, teas, and yet still plays nicely even when used in moderation with some of the heavier hitting spiced/smoked tobaccos...Latakias and Perique in particular when a delicate sweet balance is sought after.

Red Virginia Shek-el-Bint Smoked Latakia
Red Virginia
Our Price: $8.99

Our Price: $8.99

Smoked Latakia
Our Price: $8.99

Flue-cured with higher heat  results in a darker, reddish Virginia and distinctive in it's own right. Shek-el-Bint, a pure Syrian Latakia!

Two main types of Latakia exist historically: the more commonly found "Cyprian" and the now harder to obtain Syrian, where Latakia originated. Cyprian Latakia (like that used in our Smoked Latakia extraction) has become commonplace in the pipe-smoking world of today, largely due to the fact that true Syrian Latakia hasn't actually been produced for over a decade, primarily due to ecological impact on the region. In fact, some estimate that the world's supply of Syrian Latakia, derived from applying aromatic hardwood and shrub smoke to the higher-in-nicotine and more robust tobacco variety called Shekk-el-Bint, will be no more within the coming decade. Cyprian Latakia, conversely, also a smoked leaf tobacco, is created similarly but from a Oriental/Turkish varietal, typically Smyrna or Izmir tobacco.

The resultant difference, though subtle at times, comes out with with more aging/steeping of the eLiquid or extract; while Cyprian Latakia is a delicately sweet, yet fully smokey spiced condiment tobacco, it's tone is at times moderate to the even more hearty, more directly bold yet also more tangy/sour notes in Syria's version. Together, balanced with other up-to-the challenge tobaccos, such as a zesty perique and the darker shades of Virginias, true complexity in an English-style pipe blend is more easily achieved. Those that love Latakia in eLiquid, tend to like it in heavy dose, which is hard to maintain true complexity as a blend quickly becomes one-dimensional if a more tempered hand is not applied...however alternating between or combining the two in varying portions allows that delicate balance of robust "smoke" quality and perceivable "complexity" to shine!

With a heavy tobacco impact, perhaps the heaviest single varietal that can be found, Latakia is an Oriental ("Turkish") tobacco which is sun-cured in the normal way and then fire-cured.  Small fires are created in an enclosed space with aromatic woods and fragrant herbs used as the fuel. The smoke produced by these fires coats the tobacco and infuses its own flavor. For the vaper experiencing this very smokey tobacco for the first time, proceed with caution! It can be overwhelming, but for the enthusiast this may very well satisfy your tobacco craving in a way no other tobacco species can. Excellent in blends with Perique, Virginias, Burley(s) and Turkish tobaccos, there will be little doubt that this is not your ordinary tobacco vape, and not a tobacco used in an American-style cigarette by any stretch of the imagination! Customers who have experienced our Pipe Blends Balkan (also known as an English pipe blend) and Bombay will immediately recognize this flavor, though at a much higher intensity!
Smyrna Sun-Cured Turkish Toasted White Burley
Our Price: $8.99

Sun-Cured Turkish
Our Price: $8.99

Toasted White Burley
Our Price: $8.99

Oriental (A.K.A. "Turkish") tobacco...the tobacco plant/cultivar here is more or less identical to the plant which produces Izmir/Oriental; but having grown on different soils from different tobacco farmlands in the same region of Turkey each has something unique to offer. While Smyrna has a more of a musty/earthy aroma and flavor versus the slightly more "grassy" Izmir, there remains plenty of overlap between the two. Thus, while most would find one OR the other as stand alone vapes to be sufficient, those with an eye toward developing their own tobacco extract blends, will find using both only enhances  depth and adds complexity. Oriental tobaccos comprise one of the most unique "light" tobacco varietal families in the world.  They are typically primed, sun-cured, and then fermented which produces the fragrant yet dry flavor profiles they are known for. Sun-curing, which takes between a few days to a few weeks, will produce a brighter, more yellow-like leaf. Oriental types of tobacco are characterized by their relatively small size, and as we all know, a smaller leaf equates to higher aroma! Oriental tobaccos are used extensively in “Turkish” and European cigarettes, but the best leaves/plants are grown for pipe tobaccos, which is what we have obtained for you here! Great blended with any of our other signature single-varietal tobacco extracts, vaped straight up it may remind you quite distinctively of smoking the world-famous American cigarette known for it's image depicting a mammal of the family Camelidae, genus Camelus (species dromedarius)! For an even more authentic blend approximating this analog cigarette experience, try blending our Sun-Cured Turkish extract/eLiquid with our Flue-Cured Virginia and Air-Cured Burley. A specific strain of Burley that results in a unique variegated color pattern to the leaf, and a unique taste when smoked, or now, vaped!