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Natural Menthol
Our Price: $6.00


Natural menthol crystals isolated from the mint plant species Mentha arvensis, dissolved in either PG or VG*.

Recommended usage: for a "mild" menthol flavor, start with a few drops in a small aliquot of eLiquid in a separate bottle, or in your tank/atty reservoir. After a taste-test, if you prefer a stronger menthol, increase a few drops at a time, with adequate shaking, until desired menthol level is achieved. We recommend you do NOT add menthol to an entire bottle of your eLiquid as it can be easy to over-shoot your desired strength.

*Please note: As the solubility of the menthol crystals is much higher in PG compared to VG, PG-menthol drops are significantly stronger than the VG-menthol. For example, one user of both versions found 4 drops of PG-menthol in a 1.6 mL reservoir was approximately equivalent in strength to 6 drops of the VG-menthol. Individual results may vary.
Our Price: $8.99


Chewing tobacco in vape form! Mild tobacco flavor, slightly sweet and very smooth.
Our Price: $8.99


Made from the most popular chewing tobacco depicting a
Native American chieftain, Dreamcatcher is thus renamed as a respectful homage
to their proud culture.

Our Price: $9.50


Our Black Pekoe tea blended with a Cavendish tobacco and a touch of Orange Blossom Honey extract to mellow the dry "bite" of a black tea and lending a natural honey-like finish.
Our Price: $9.50


Out of Stock and DISCONTINUED!

An herbal "fruit Sangria" tea, extracted with two of our fruit-topped Pipe tobacco blends...fruit-forward with a mild, sweet tobacco!

Note: the tobacco element is more apparent (to us anyway) at the higher voltage/wattage/power of variable PVs.
Black Pekoe Tea
Our Price: $9.50


This Black tea is derived from one of the highest grades of tea leaves, called Orange Pekoe (no orange flavor, this is merely a tea-grading term, akin to the cuts or "primings" of tobacco leaves particularly used in cigar-making). Our premium grade Black tea has been combined with an Oriental tobacco to enhance the familiar dry "bite" of the most popular style of tea in the Western world.
Yerba Mate
Our Price: $9.50


Similar in some respects to a Green Tea, Yerba Mate is a traditional beverage originating in South and Central America. We have paired this "tea" with a portion of our "soft", slightly fruity Toasted White Burley and a touch of "dry" Oriental to enhance the herbal tea-like flavor of the Mate.
Red Ruby
Our Price: $9.50


Red Rooibos, also known as African "Bush" tea, is an herbal "tea-like" beverage now popular world-wide, tracing it's roots primarily to Southern African climes. Somewhat dry and not dissimilar in flavor to a black-tea in some respects, this versatile tea that's not technically a tea has more of a mineral or slight metallic note on the tongue, and when extracted with two of our Virginia tobaccos for just a touch of sweetness and tobacco "body", a subtle yet surprising flavor emerges...perhaps it's due to the obvious reddish hue, but this vapes like a mild raspberry tea, nuanced and relaxing!