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'Dat Caramel Brownie in'da Pipe? Berrys Honey Black Burley
Berrys Honey
Our Price: $9.50

Black Burley
Our Price: $9.50

Caramel, umm yes please.
Brownies? Don't mind if I do!

This blend is made by starting with a vanilla-steamed->caramel-cased black and natural cavendish blend which was then moistened with additional flavoring in-house and allowed to air-dry before extracting. Blended with an additional extract and voila:

Brownie...caramel... And a touch of natural yeast/chocolate cake-like flavor...drizzled with a little more caramel just in case.

If you like chocolate Vapes, and caramel Vapes but you're not really big on tobaccos, I think this one could sway your opinion.
A mixed berry-infused cigar extract blended with a sweet and lightly smokey berry-and-honey-dressed pipe tobacco extract...rich and fruity, with a moderately sweet honey-like finish! Soft, toasted Burley and Black Cavendish combine into a warm and thick-flavored vapor with plenty of body and rich "mouth-feel." Not too sweet and not overly bitter/acrid, but plays the middle ground; a lightly "creamy" and subtly sweet yet smokey, "biting" transition from inhale to exhale. We hope you love it as much as we do!
Bourbon Pecan Bright Leaf Burley Blast
Bourbon Pecan
Our Price: $9.50
Bright Leaf
Our Price: $9.50

Burley Blast
Our Price: $9.50

Bourbon-infused fine cigar extract blended with our Buttered Pecan aromatic pipe tobacco extract.

Bright Leaf is a blend using only the zestier and more
citrus-like lighter shades of the Flue Cured Virginia cultivar, Lemon and Yellow.

A pure Burley Blend and as a Burley blend should be: earthy and "moist", almost "chewy" even; slight toasted-nut and smokey on the inhale, the exhale finishes with the barest whisper of sweet spice: molasses and anise perhaps...

Cafe de Caramel English Blend French-Cig Sampler Pack -Glass
Cafe de Caramel
Our Price: $9.50

English Blend
Our Price: $9.50

French-Cig Sampler Pack -Glass
Our Price: $29.99

Coffee-infused and caramel-infused aromatic pipe tobacco extracts, blended with a premium, coffee-infused cigar extract. Our own unique variation on a classic pipe tobacco style: the English Blend! Two types of fragrant Oriental leaf with ample Cyprian Latakia and a touch of Kentucky Burley are balanced with sweet and sour Perique and the barest whisper of yellow Virginia tobaccos. Those who enjoy English Blends, in love with Latakia and wanting bold and in-your face "raw" tobacco with attitude....look no further!
Try all three of the N-E-T Custom French Cigarette eLiquids: Poilu, Gypsy Brunes, and Gypsy Blonde!
Almost $2.50 in savings!!

Available only in glass bottles:
- 15 mL w/dropper
- 30 mL w/dropper
- 60 mL w/dropper
Full Zware Gypsy Blonde Gypsy Brunes
Full Zware
Our Price: $9.50

Gypsy Blonde
Our Price: $9.50

Gypsy Brunes
Our Price: $9.50


Modeled after various Shag-cut RYO tobaccos, light zesty Virginias and smoky Kentucky Burley makes for a bolder than the usual cigarette blend.

By the early 1980s, American-Style cigarette blends of mostly "lighter" (both in color and body) tobaccos, particularly Virginias, had become so prominent worldwide and obviously heavily influenced by their commercial success, both Gitanes and Gauloises released a "Blonde" version to keep pace with smoking trends. Hence our Gypsy Blonde which pays tribute to the evolution of even Euro-style cigarettes which have likewise began incorporating more of the smooth flavor of Virginia blends popularized in the Twentieth Century. Blonde crosses brands in maintaining some Oriental/Turkish tobaccos like a true Euro-cig, Latakia similar to Poilu, but more reservedly so, ample bight leaf Virginia, and a touch of the Gypsy line's "mystery" funk found in her darker (and much older) sister.
Another homage to a historically relevant brand of French-style cigarettes were/are the Gitanes: which means "Gypsy Women." Much like the original iteration(s) of Gauloises; the Brunes was comprised of predominantly Oriental tobaccos. Rather than a light blend of aromatic wood/herb-smoked Latakia however, Gitanes Brunes instead relied upon a blend of orientals some of which were both sun-cured (traditional with Turkish varietals) and fired/smoked (but with non aromatic woods). These were then added to Flue-cured non-Virginia species as well; hence maintaining the traditional "darker" more robust flavor and "color(s)" of European cigarette tobaccos which can still be differentiated from classic American-style cigarette blends in existence today.

Certainly mysterious (and stereotypically nomadic) is the "Gypsy" culture, and given the documented flavor profile of the early Gitanes as having a somewhat sweet, almost sour "raisin-y" taste, true Perique tobacco may also be discernible in this custom N-E-T blend.
Herbal Fusion III Castles Latakia Lover
Herbal Fusion
Our Price: $9.50

III Castles
Our Price: $9.50

Latakia Lover
Our Price: $9.50

Extracts blended from two of our herbal-infused cigars, a traditional, unflavored cigar and an aromatic pipe blend with a distinct oak-wood character! A special blend designed for our Alaskan friend "Shunji", III Castles is a replication of a once popular RYO tin consisting (almost) entirely of Virginia varietals. This N-E-T creation uses a blend of two different Virginia extracts and just a touch of a traditional Burley to give it a little more mid-body depth. A 4-part blend of our top-selling English pipe blends and Syrian Latakia extracts.
N-E-T Custom Smoked Leaf N-E-T Custom Va/Pe/Or Blend N-E-T Custom Va/Pe/OrS Blend
N-E-T Custom Smoked Leaf
Our Price: $9.50

N-E-T Custom Va/Pe/Or Blend
Our Price: $9.50

N-E-T Custom Va/Pe/OrS Blend
Our Price: $9.50

Smoked tobaccos sure take on a whole different character during their curing. Take an Oriental with it's smaller than average leaves (increased aroma by nature), low in both sugar and nicotine comparatively, and go ahead and sun-cure that bad boy followed by a "brief" fermentation for a traditional Turkish tobacco: fragrant yet dry, complex by nature as some rather significant flavor development occurs as the tobacco ages during fermentation and afterwards.

Now take that same leaf, partially sun-cured again, but for shorter duration, then smoked with heavily fragrant and aromatic herbs and woods, and you have a seemingly unrelated flavor of a Latakia; too strong for some, but those that love Latakia, REALLY
love this beast of flavor.

Of course Burleys can also be fired/smoked but with more traditional smokes not employing heavily fragrant and aromatic herbs, shrubs, etc and the result is one of my favorites, Fire Cured Burley.

Smoked Leaf, our proprietary blend of a variety of smoked tobaccos including two different region-grown Orientals and smoked presumably with slight variation in aromatic woods and herbs were used with a smoked Burley and then ever so slightly the rough edges of "smokey-bite" were smoothed out with an additional extract of medium-bodied tobaccos to create a hard to forget, hard-hitting and in-your-face tobacco experience. Too often overuse of a smoked tobacco, especially a heavy Latakia, masks any discernible "other" tobacco flavor(s) in a blend, leading to often one-dimensional tobacco, as a smoke or as a vape.

I think you'll agree, our Custom Smoked Leaf has plenty of complexity while leaving you full of the robust flavor that landed you here!
Why stop with just Virginia and Perique? Throw some Oriental in there, nothing too heavy mind you,  but with the sweetness of the higher sugar content typical in Virginia tobaccos (most often flue-cured to preserve or "fix" this characteristic) combined with the often perceived as funky and sour Perique...maybe it could use a little depth and dryness to counteract the fermented sweetness of a straight up Va/Per blend? Worked for me, so I hope you enjoy this one as well! Virginia, Perique and Oriental...oh my! What's that? You need it with more "oomph"?

Done! Smoked Latakia added with the Turkish blend and...well you know the rest.
N-E-T Custom Va/Per Blend Poilu Pure Virginia
N-E-T Custom Va/Per Blend
Our Price: $9.50

Our Price: $9.50

Pure Virginia
Our Price: $9.50

Our custom take on the increasingly popular Va/Per blend: Virginias and Perique. Three extracts were used to provide depth and character, with an eye on keeping that Perique at bay...but just a touch! An homage to the famed French cigarette of old; Poilu was fashioned after the original "darker" and more full-flavored tobaccos used in Gauloises circa early 1900s; until that is, when American-style cigarette tobacco and their reliance on predominantly Virginia varietals by and large altered the landscape of commercially-available cigarettes, even in Europe, by the mid-Twentieth century.

Heavier utilization of Oriental tobaccos of the varying locales associated with the Ottoman Empire (Syria, Cyprus, Greece), which include both the traditionally sun-cured Turkish varieties as well as the further processed post-curing which results in a Latakia "type" were prominent in Euro-cigs like Gauloises, especially in those early years leading up to and for several decades post-WWI.

Keep in mind that Poilu and the other French cig eLiquids created at N-E-T are modeled after cigarette tobaccos, as an English or Balkan pipe tobacco will have significantly heavier use of Latakia. But this does make for one much more full-bodied "analog" vape while still remaining smooth enough to not cross into Latakia-laden pipe blends.
An N-E-T custom blend for the Virginias enthusiasts out there! Virginia tobaccos are a varied lot, and this pure Virginias blend makes judicious use of three different extracts, resulting in a surprisingly complex tobacco flavor! Mildly sweet, but less so than one would expect from the sugary Virginia varietals, the "earthier" Red Virginias used add a surprising mid-range of tobacco taste. Smooth from start to finish...
Scottish Blend Shunji's Delight tRY4.1
Scottish Blend
Our Price: $9.50

Shunji's Delight
Our Price: $9.50

Our Price: $9.50

Much like the oft-debated defining characteristics of an English pipe blend versus a Balkan; or whether a Balkan is a category in itself, or merely one of many variations of an English; a Scottish Blend also defies a one-size fits-all approach to classification. Our Scottish blend, thus, is constructed to differ as much as possible from our other Latakia-based English and Balkan blends, while remaining true to the overall spirit thereof...

Ample amounts of extracts of Oriental and matured Virginia tobaccos are met with a hefty dose of real St. James Parrish Perique, softened with a good measure of malty Black Cavendish and then a pinch of Syrian Latakia extract to lend it's spicey and bitter-sharp edge, not too much, but just enough Latakia to know it's in there, happily taking a supportive role this time to allow the other fine tobaccos to be the stars of the show.
Shunji's III Castles turned Hybrid: Almond and Vanilla make this a smooth and creamy "low-impact" tobacco hybrid. When fresh, the light alcohol in the flavorings immediately speaks to Amaretto...after a few days of aging and evaporating off the remaining EtOH, a very creamy almond tobacco flavor takes over. The longer the aging, the more the tobacco extracts used will emerge...

Now available as a Light version, more subtle use of almond, and just a whisper of vanilla!
Our custom extracted tobaccos approach to the highly sought after RY4 flavor of caramel and vanilla-imbued tobacco. Often overheard will be some left wondering where the tobacco is supposed to come through, this is our answer to that eternal question with an eLiquid like RY4, "Wheres my 'bacco?!?" Vanilla is meant to remain a mild note around the periphery while the caramel remains at the forefront and I hope you'll agree that it splits the lion's share of flavor presented to your palate with the tobaccos used... 3 different tobaccos were extracted, then blended and tweaked until just right (in my estimation anyway ;) with all natural Caramel and Vanilla flavors added during mixing to create a truly multi-layered RY4 experience.

Note: while certainly the Caramel and Vanilla will move to the background just a tad as the aging tobacco extracts in this eLiquid develop, one can certainly rationalize trying this with extra extract while maintaining the regular strength of Flavoring added for those wishing more tobacco presence a little sooner out of the mailbox!

Aging Note: This custom N-E-T creation has a small fraction of alcohol/EtOH from flavorings. Should any unpleasant taste of alcohol hit you, remove caps and allow air exchange to occur for a few minutes at a time, a few times per day or every few days, etc, until the flavor improves. Some will enjoy the slight pungent note as is, I do, you may...taste is subjective....rinse, repeat....ad nauseum ; )
Turkish Blend Yellow Jacket
Turkish Blend
Our Price: $9.50

Yellow Jacket
Our Price: $9.50

Three Oriental tobacco extracts, blended with a touch of toasted Burley for depth. A custom blend of Black Cavendish and Golden Virginias; delicately smokey, soft tobacco body with just a touch of natural sweetness.